Engineering and Design

INR provides engineering services in mining and hydraulic projects mainly associated with geological, geotechnical and hydraulic engineering discipline from the pre-feasibility to detailed design stages. Some expert services that requires special solutions are listed below:

3 dimensional geometric modelling
2D / 3D slope stability analysis
2D / 3D static / dynamic stress-deformation analysis
Soil-structure, soil-water interaction models
1/2/3 D consolidation analysis
2D / 3D seepage analysis
Reservoir operation simulation and water balance calculations
1D / 2D flood analysis
Dam break analysis
GIS based landslide sensitivity analysis



INR provides technical supports to her clients at every stages of projects from pre-feasibility to design and construction supervision. Before starting to construction, INR reviews feasibility and design studies, prepares bidding documents and technical specifications. INR also provides quality control / quality assurance services during construction.


Geological, Geotechnical, Hydrogeological and Borrow Source Investigations

Based on the scope of services provided by INR, geological and geotechnical investigations are the integral part of her projects. Understanding of the soil - structure interactions clearly help creating more reliable and economic designs. For this reason, INR operate high level standard geological and geotechnical investigation works by herself.

Crawler drill rig with mounted automatic SPT, lugeon test
Pressuremeter test (Menard type)
Core, split barrel and shelby (thin walled tube) sampler
In-situ water quality measurement (pH, TDS, EC, temperature)
Experienced site engineers and staff