Mining projects require complex solutions for which many disciplines work together from beginning to the end. It is vital to take environmental and economic factors into consideration collectively for the mining projects. Mining activities make economical contributions in local and regional scale. However environmental effects of mining activities can cause permanent and serious damages on ecology and existing life cycle if the effects does not solved by correct engineering approaches.

INR provides the following services in mining sector:

  • Tailing Storage Facility Design
  • Heap Leach Facility Design
  • Waste Dump Facility Design
  • Open Pit Stability Calculations
  • Surface water and Groundwater Management and Water Balance Calculations
  • Infrastructure Design for Mine Facilities
  • Tunnel Design
  • Acid Mine Drainage Management (AMD)
  • Landslide Rehabilitation and Slope Stability
  • Discharge and Dewatering Solutions
  • Mine Closure and Remediation
  • Dam Break Analysis
  • Emergency Response Plan

Water Resources and Energy

Water is the most important resource for the living things. Management of the water have direct effects on the life of human and other creatures. We are taking into consideration this fact and aim to get maximum benefit from water.

  • Large and Small Dam Design
  • Flood Protection Structures
  • Water Supply and Delivery
  • Groundwater Supply and Flow Modelling
  • Diversion Systems
  • Hydroelectrical Power Plants